Business profile on Instagram: from creation to promotion

By | September 2, 2020

A business profile on Instagram is relevant for everyone who plans to promote a product or service on the Internet. It is one of the fastest growing and most actively developing social networks, reaching a billion audience around the world.

It doesn’t take much time to create and configure a profile. More attention will have to be paid to the design and promotion of a business account. How best to do this, read on.

What is an Instagram business profile

Contacts are entered into the account for prompt communication between customers and the seller: address, phone number, email. It is also possible to attach links to the product, a button containing a call to action. With their help, potential buyers go to the website or blog of the company to get acquainted with the product.

In the business profile, applications are connected for the sale of commodity items, targeted advertising is configured and statistics are displayed.

Statistics show all profile visitors. Based on these data, we can conclude about the number of people interested in a product or service. Processing statistics will help you find the optimal time to publish your posts, generate useful texts, pictures and videos – in a word, attract as many buyers as possible.

With the help of a business profile, it is possible to:

  • increase brand awareness;
  • increase sales;
  • implement a product promotion campaign.

Instagram is working on new account capabilities, introducing functionality, improving its quality, and seeking comfortable conditions for the productive work of users.

How does an Instagram business profile differ from a personal account?

A business profile on Instagram is required for companies that plan to sell products through this application and attract new customers.

Free methods of processing statistical data are used to promote business. In the process of studying statistics, you should pay close attention to the advertised product and the implemented promotion strategy. This is how the success of marketing moves is calculated, and if necessary, adjustments are made to the campaign.

A personal account can be converted into a business profile, and the same is done in reverse.

The business profile has the ability to see broader statistics about users. Their analysis allows the company owner or SMM manager to develop an interesting post concept and make the necessary changes to the product itself.

Different data is provided for each post:

  • demonstrates the number of actions of subscribers for each publication: adding to bookmarks, redirecting to friends, the number of comments and likes;
  • viewing results: the number of subscribers who saw the post, the number of views and transitions to the profile after viewing;
  • post demo source: from the main profile page, from a hashtag search, or from a geolocation search.

Stories information:

  • the number of subscribers who viewed stories, and their data;
  • which subscribers followed the links in the story;
  • the number of new subscribers who came after watching the stories.

The main purpose for which a business profile is created is to attract customers, so it cannot be closed. Accordingly, if a personal account is switched to business mode, then it must be open.

Instagram business profile features

An Instagram business profile differs from a personal social media page in several ways.

1. Profile categories

A business account most accurately defines the topic of the page. In addition to the tags “personal blog” and “brand”, it is possible to indicate the direction of the company’s activities.

You can choose any specialization, for example “cafe-bakery”, “lingerie store”, “music tutor”, etc., which will help to attract as many subscribers from the target audience as possible.

2. Communication buttons

The business profile offers subscribers enhanced communication options using the buttons “Send a message to the mail”, “Call”, “How to get there.” This makes it easier and faster to contact the account owner.

For example, if a user clicks the “Call” button, then a company number appears on his mobile phone. The call is made with one click, without preliminary copying and entering the contact into the phone memory.

3. Statistics

For all posts of a business account and for the profile as a whole, statistics are kept in order to analyze the reaction of users to publications and the effectiveness of different methods of promotion. The analytics will be relevant to both merchant accounts and personal brands.

Statistics show the number of people who visited the account and the time of their visit. These numbers allow you to objectively evaluate the results of profile management and develop appropriate publication tactics.

Instagram starts collecting statistics from the first post published in the activated business profile. You can find it out by clicking the “View statistics” button, as a result of which the following data will be shown:

date, time of post;

number of impressions;

user engagement;

overall coverage of the publication.

In case of unclear points, the “What does this mean?” Button is used, which leads to a page with detailed explanatory information.

To select the necessary statistics, the account owner can set a filter with different parameters:

  • type of publication – photo or video;
  • the purpose of the publication – likes, impressions, reach, views, engagement, comments;
  • period of statistical data – one or two weeks, month, half year, year.

Analyzing and processing statistical data will ultimately be useful for developing a strategy to increase sales.

4. Promotion

Anyone has the opportunity to advertise their business in order to increase demand and sales. Instagram invites users to promote posts without losing their likes. In the feed, posts with a large number of likes and comments look much more attractive than advertising posts.

For this method of promotion, select an already published post in the gallery and click on the “Promote” button below it. Then a call to action is recorded, the required target audience is selected automatically or manually. The next step is choosing the end time of the campaign and determining the advertising budget. That’s it, an advertising publication can be launched.

It will appear in the Instagram users’ feed after moderation.

5. Shopping Tags

Only for a business profile on Instagram, the store functionality and the so-called Shopping Tags, which have appeared relatively recently, are available.

With the help of trade tags, subscribers can study product cards, descriptions for them, see the price, and go directly to the necessary subsection of the online store. To get the best digital marketing company in surat  All this increases sales.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Creating an Instagram Profile for Business

We’ve covered how to set up a business profile on Instagram. It is worth highlighting its positive and negative aspects.

Business Profile Disadvantages:

  • created only with a link to Facebook;
  • high probability of incorrect linking to Facebook;
  • you cannot do such an action as close the business profile on Instagram, since subscribers and users of the application must see the page for product ads to work;
  • you need to regularly plan a budget for promotion, since coverage is lost quickly, within a week after its creation.

A beautiful Instagram business profile is created in less than ten minutes. It increases the demand for the product, increases brand awareness, and attracts buyers. Business accounts are in great demand: many entrepreneurs have used them to promote their products and increase their income.

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