Chances of coronavirus transmission after schools open

By | August 25, 2020

Gavin Williamson education secretary has speculated that there are few pieces of evidence of the prevalence of COVID-19 in schools. He added more that the Government of England was recommended to adopt strategies. Strategies to reopening of schools as it was steered by the team of medical experts. These days Chances of corona virus transmission in schools are greater then ever.

The experts’ consultants of Government has made it aware of upcoming threats. Which, maybe faced by the whole nation after considering reopening of schools after COVID-19.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, a school like most of the world were shut down across the whole UK in March. But there was the slow return of schools students of reception phase in June with strong safety precautions. 

How new reports extend support for government decision of reopening of schools.

According to Gavin Williamson, there is a new report that would back up decisions made by the government officials. To ensure recovery of education in schools after COVID-19 pandemic.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson supported the decision to reopen the schools to continue school education. Only for safe and secure progress of education in this situation after getting huge loss in the sector due to attack of the virus.

The recent visit of the Prime minister to local school has affirmed the current and concrete stance of the prime minister. On making future policies to ensure closing of the education sector at the end of all industries. Such as business, markets and others in a grave situation of any kind of pandemic or shutdowns.

New strategies purposes

The new strategy has been placed to ensure the possible return of youngsters in schools for the continuation of proper education activities as the plan is ready to be followed for reopening of schools in September this year.

Besides, the series of guidelines have been issued for consideration in the opening of schools all over England. But, there are different schedules and approaches for reopening of schools in Scotland, Wales and Ireland where schools are going to be opened this month.

The member of government consultancy committee and professor from Royal College, Russel Viner has supported the decisions by calling it the least risky thing to ensure education in this pandemic after withdrawing restrictions placed due to COVID-19. According to him, it will have little impact or no impacts if Government goes for reopening of schools in these conditions.

He added that Government could better do by opening schools to make way for returning normal life back after the grim losses we have faced due to this contamination of the virus.

The increased confidence of private schools 

The union of college and schools has said that the instructions form official of Government were not so apparent. As schools had to rely on their own self-made schedules and strategies for the unlikely renaissance of COVID-19.

It came up with one more significant trouble which may be faced by teachers while educating students in this current severe situation. However, Helen Whately, the health care minister, has ensured that we had made complete plans for confirming safe come back of students in schools by this season. 

Moreover, she added that Government had planned to continue schools during this shutdown situation, but if teachers and other staff members suffered symptoms, they would have been undergone strict testing in that case.

Gavin Williamson previous week has assured that parents are showing positive and encouraging responses towards our resolution as their wish of returning of their children back to schools is going to be fulfilled by plans made by the Government.

He praised the members of staff and teachers all over the UK to implement all strict safety precautions for safely return of all students in respective schools to complete the attendance before the end of this term.

The process is slow and gradual but admirable due to constant efforts shown by teachers and staff members as said by Williamson.

Though pandemic is still there and nobody knows when it comes to end therefore, nursing assignment writing service is continuously assisting students in their academic education so that being at home they can continue their studies.

What are the shreds of evidence as per Williamson?

The experts have taken recent research as evidence to minimize chances of COVID-19 contamination among children as compared to adults where there are probably more chances of getting ill from the virus.

However, the pint that is not obvious is how children could play their part in spreading the virus in the society. The research has suggested that children have half-chances than adults to be a transmitter of the virus.

Only not the schools are a probable place to spread the virus but also the public areas and businesses which are regarded as active zones of virus contamination.

The secretary of education has said that future research on the effects of coronavirus on children will reveal how children would be a potential career for the virus transmission still at school levels. 

But the research is still undergoing and is expected to be released by the end of this year. Study supported the Government’s decision to reopen schools

Concerns shown by parents on reopening of schools

According to a recent report of reactions of parents on the current decision of Government has brought up many concerns and questions of parents about the return of children to schools in this situation.

 First, parents are horrified on sending their children to colleges or schools again. Because they are not sure that in schools there will be a strict restriction for wearing of masks. And maintenance of physical distance to minimize the possible dangers of the virus.

Second, parents have questions for teachers whether they will be able to attend each student to teach them adequately in this fear of virus contamination. Hence, parents are worried about teacher’s method of teaching students after the arrival of children at schools again. 

Obviously, there are not still abundant evidence for the safety of children. And surety that they will never get affected by the virus while studying at their schools and colleges. These questions and concerns of parents are not answered fully until now. So it seems it will take some time to fully reopen all schools and the total return of all children. Read more about health in this link.

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