How to get any sim detail in Pakistan 2021

By | July 24, 2021

How to get any sim detail in Pakistan

get any sim details in Pakistan:- Do you want your SIM information system to be checked, including names, location, address, and other ownership details? Then you’re at the correct place. We give the greatest tool for the comprehensive online and mobile app checking of SIM owners. Info is accessible, for example, Jazz, Warid, Ufone, Telenor, and Zong Sims.

Check Online SIM Owner Information System

In this respect, the PTA SIM Information System provides the latest options. There are two ways to check for active SIMs on your CNIC. In one manner, SIM data may be examined, in another via SMS. Learn more about SIM and short code information 668.


The era when PTA supports the simulators in the production and expansion of items. No restrictions or restrictions on the sale of these symbolic cards. The records on who bought them owing to this enormous number of offenses do not appear to be full. Find every Living Tracker tool for sim numbers.
Every purchaser of the sim card was permitted to register the identical national certificate by PTA. In their name, just five SIM cards are allowed. As a consequence, criminal activity has been reduced.
This leads to significant activities by the authorities and a 2013 judgment. The introduction of biometric sim authentication and a user fee

Check Online PTA SIM Information System 668

  • So, Open a browser and follow the instructions below to verify your sim details online.
  • First, go to the official site to “”
  • So, Enter your CNIC number as in the respective form field
  • Just a second, the tabular presentation of your SIM number information.
  • So, The table will include your active SIM number


Search PTA SIM Information System via SMS

  • So, Read the following instructions carefully to check your SMS information:
  • Open your mobile’s SMS written box
  • So, In here without a dash, type your CNIC number
  • Send the text message to USSD 668 code.
  • So, An SMS with active SIMs will be sent to you and registered on the CNIC number.

How to keep a record of your SIM verification (SIM information)?


A menu and type1 will be displayed to provide your SIM details. Dial USSD *336#. The status of his number will be verified. In response, CNIC’s number statuses and confirmation statuses may be sent through the customer by SMS to shortcode 789 using a fundamental confirmed number.

PTA has established certain ways to check the owner of prepay cards and even the quantity of sim cards.

  • So, You can browse the site online. One method.
  • Code shows all service provider networks the potential.
  • So, The name may be gained from the network carrier of both SIM cards.

The Government of Pakistan states that visitors must acquire or sell Sims if users consider themselves criminals without biometric checks. Therefore, if someone abuses SIM cards in a network or performs unlawful activities, PTA will run as smoothly and effectively as possible.

SIM Information with Biometric Verification in Pakistan

PTA offers protection from invalid credentials and stops your SIM from enrolling. To check the sim information system, complete the following single seven steps:

  • So, Go to the biometrics test system and turn on the sales outlet for your SIM transactions.
  • Go through the sales channel and outlet terms and conditions of the SIM/WLL link.
  • So, National Valid Sales Agent Number Valid Card of Identification (CNIC) Issued
  • Put your finger/thumb inside the BVS scanner to check from NADRA.
  • So, By delivering your thumb/finger imprint, you agree to the terms and conditions for buying the SIM/WLL connection.
  • In good verification, the SIM/WLL link must be activated and forwarded to you.
  • So, In a successful assurance, the Sales Operator must notify purpose and offer additional instructions.

Find SIM Owner Name via Phone Number

At that time, no law or legislation regulated the sale of these sim cards, while PTA was licensing sim card firms for the goods and development of their businesses, and no specific records were maintained of those purchasing them due to these numerous illegal actions.

The authorities have taken substantial steps in 2016 and agree that the sim should be biometrically inspected and user information requested. This led them to take action seriously. PTA made the registration of any purchaser o


the SIM card compulsory, and only five cards may be purchased on their names. This reduced criminal activity.


If you employ this sort of tracker, it uses the mobile network throughout the world to find out where a user is now. Mobile Number Tracker will also examine other databases to determine whether the present employment can be located in a name, address, location, NIC, and job. The user of the gadget cannot see this path.


Mobile Phone Number Sim Owner Information

Pakistan has been provided with our finest mobile network tracking tool. For any province, you need to enter a 10-digit mobile phone in the search box on this website to enter the name, area, and address of the mobile telephone number in Pakistan.

You can input zero or zero in your cell phone code. The results of the number monitoring of mobile / cell phones are collected. Details about any network of sim cards may be found in the Pakistan mobile phone database. When you put your cell phone number in the search box, you may quickly receive information about the sim.

Name of SIM owner & SMS Mailing Code Details

  • Jazz: Send blank text messages to 668
  • So, Warid: Send blank text messages to 668
  • Zong: send blank text notifications to 668.
  • Uphones: Send blank text notifications to 668
  • So, Telenor: Send blank SMS to 668.

Check your CNIC Authorized SIM card.

So, You must send an empty SMS to code 668 to verify sim information on all network codes. You will then be sent an SMS as an answer from the provider, including all your sim details. Sim tracker tracking cellphone’s number.

PTA circulates the way your CNIC accesses the SIM card information. All the networks follow the procedure.

Sim Tracker with contact details in Pakistan

So, Sim Tracker is a free tool to detect mobile phone numbers/caller / lost caller information in just seconds. It is one of the greatest solutions for tracking the missed mobile call finders in Pakistan. As we know, this tracker application is highly safe, and no single data or contact number is stored in our database. On the contrary, the Sim search number offers millions of telephone numbers with current location details.


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