How to Create a Perfect CV for Students?

By | September 4, 2020

Whether it is for an internship, a student job, or a first long-term job, the CV is the first document an employer will see about you. Therefore, it is important to give a good impression if you want to get a job interview. We will tell you in detail how to Create a Perfect CV for Students.

Many students choose to work alongside their studies to make money. Some of them are also looking for work during the holidays, which allows them to keep busy, get some experience and save money for later. Still others start searching for their first job while preparing for a degree dissertation. Anyway, here are the golden rules to follow to write an effective CV for students.

Look after the CV Design and Aesthetics

To create a cv for students which is impactful and out of the ordinary, bet on the design first. In this case, the internet is your best friend because you can easily find CV templates online. Just choose the best one that will serve as an outline.

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The ideal is a resume that allows you to integrate all your information without compromising the aesthetics. So, you have to find the right balance between practicality and elegance. Of course, not everyone is a graphic designer, but aesthetically pleasing CVs are more likely to end up in a job than basic ones. On the other hand, it is not easy to make your first curriculum vitae.

Often, color is appreciated. Keep in mind that the CV should not please you but the recruiter. Now imagine the number of black and white resumes they can receive. A colorful resume will make you stand out from the crowd. To be more precise, colorful models with artistic and illustrative touches will appeal to creative profiles.

Yet, stay professional and do not uses more than 3 different colors. Also avoid too flashy hues. Once you have an idea of what you want as a CV for students, choose a CV creator and select the template that corresponds to your needs.

Take Care of the CV Content

The first aim of a CV for students is to catch the recruiter’s attention. But then, what is written on the document is even more essential to convince the reader to give you a job interview. When writing a resume, no matter what the goal is, it takes time, often an hour or more.

As part of a CV for a student job or a seasonal job, you may be tempted to do it less seriously than for an internship or a real job.

Keep in mind that for companies, it does not matter whether it is a student job, an internship or a long-term job. They will not be more lenient just because it is a short-term position.

So, resist the temptation and write your curriculum vitae properly, regardless of the nature of the position sought. Also, emphasize hobbies and personal fulfilment (hobbies, extracurricular activities at school and college, managerial positions in an association).

Make sure there is no spelling and grammar mistakes. All information must be concise and relevant. 

Show your Interest in the Company

You must show an interest in the company and the job, even if you are not excited by the idea of working on the shelves of a supermarket for a vacation job, for example. Obviously, this is all the more important if you are looking for your first job with a company you really appreciate. Your potential future employer must know that you are targeting the right business and position.

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This does not mean you can include phrases like “Being a customer of yours for many years…” in your resume. The recruiter does not care if you bought sweets from their store since you were a kid. You just have to find the right balance between honesty and “the exaggeration of your interest”, if we could coin it in those terms.

You can mention that you are a serious person who will do the job in the best way. Showcasing what you can bring to the business can also help.

Adapt your CV to the Position Sought

Like the cover letter, the CV can or must be adapted for each job application. It takes a long time but can pay off with employers. Recruiters should realize that you are applying for the job rather than just to make money.

This will make the application appear less generic and show that you have spent time preparing it. A recruiter will be more inclined to recruit someone who is motivated. Read related articles of how to Create a Perfect CV for Students here.

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