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By | January 4, 2021


Creating a website or a blogpost site isn’t a hard part of the job but assessing how to get more visits on that site is a headache. So, backlinks or guest posting in a blog post can boost your site’s visits. It’s tough for a search engine like google or MS Bing to find your site if you don’t have any backlinks. In short, backlinks are a useful tool to get a high rank in search engine results.

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What is Guest Posting?

There are many ways to flourish your site’s clicks and guest posting is also one of them. Guest posting is actually writing an article or a blog for another website as a guest. Guest post trades with backlinks as you write a blog for another site and you can ask them to add your backlinks in the author’s introduction or within the body of the blog.

The statistic shows the top traffic sources among affiliate marketers worldwide. During the survey, almost 64% of affiliate marketers said they use guest blogging to generate traffic. At the same time, email marketing and SEO remain on top of the list. As SEO is a top technique to increase traffic, guest blogging can also improve your site’s SEO ranking. When your
website is among the top rankers, it will appear first at the search engine.

Guest posting is a two-way trade. Suppose you write as a guest on someone’s blog so you should also allow them to write on yours. It helps you to improve your relationship with other bloggers which helps you in the future.

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What are backlinks?

Backlinks also referred to as “inbound links“, “incoming links” or “one-way links“. Generally, it’s referring to a website from the website.

Very few people understand how really a search engine collects the result, and even fewer knows what effect these results rankings. There are many factors, but backlinks are among the most important factors to rank your site higher in a search engine’s eye. The numbers of backlinks from other websites decide either your site will come at the first page of Google result or the ninth page of it. There are millions of links on the web nowadays, but its rankings decide which one to come first.

Mostly Two types of backlinks are used in guest posting. “Do Follow” and “No follow“. ‘Do follow’ is a type in which bloggers advise search engines to follow this link. Search engines usually avoid No follow backlinks used by low domain authority websites to have blogs and scam the guest. Most of the links are ‘Do follow’ but we can’t ignore the ‘No Follow” link.

As we went through the basic concept of what is guest posting and backlinks are. Now we’ll see how to make an effective guest post backlink.

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Find Site For Guest Posting

Step 1: Search on Google, MS Bing, or any other search engine for websites that allows guest posting. There will appear hundreds of sites that allow this function on their site.

Step 2: When you go through sites, there are options like Write for us, guest posting, guest contribution, submit a post, or submit an article. When you went through these sites, you have numerous options to select.

Step 3: Select the same genre site as your website. Like if you are a marketing agency try to find a marketing site that allows guest posting. It will increase your visibility for sure. Because the audience on that particular genre has a specific taste and when they will see your backlink within an article, the probability of clicking on it is more than if you write for the cooking blog.

Step 4: Select a popular site. As you shortlisted five sites among hundreds from a preliminary search and you must choose one from them, you should go for a popular one. To check a site’s popularity, there are some tricks like analyze number guest posts are publishing on that site, follow another blogger which site they use for guest posting frequently, check either that site giving ‘do follow’ or ‘no follow’.

Select a Site with Highest Domain Authority

There are 1.8 billion sites on the internet today. So, there should be a process which examines while the site ranks higher or lower. That process is checking the domain authority of the site.

To access this useful process, you go on google and search for ‘Domain authority checker’. You will see several sites offering services free, and some are paid. Domain Authority Checker ( is one of the sites which offers its services for free. Click on-site, and on the home page of the site, there will be a box to enter the URL. Add URL of desiring site and wait for the result. If a website has a domain higher than 25, then go for it but any site having a lower number than that is a straight No for you.

Choose a relevant site for your content. As on a high domain site, the audience is mature and polished, which will make a great profit. Try to give authentic content that will give credibility to your name, and the audience will trust your brand.

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Useful Content


As you selected a site, checked its domain, and it is within an understandable domain. Now it’s time to assess what to write and how to write. Always try to give useful information to your audience. They invest their time and money in reading your article if it’s not worth that value of time or money, you will gradually lose your audience.

If you selected a marketing site to post on to not write about sports on that site, no one would give attention to that. Try to be more relevant.

Adding backlinks is also a more crucial task, assessing that either adds your backlinks at the start, within the body or at the bottom of the blog. The most used and profitable way of adding the backlinks is adding them to within the blog’s body. Also, consider that adding them to a relevant line referring to your site is a plus point, by this reader can’t stop clicking on it.

Never add your backlinks at the bottom of the blog because most readers ignore the author’s bio when they already extracted their desirable information.

Final Views

Creating guest post backlinks is one of the effective ways to boost traffic on your site. We highly recommend you to use it and follow all above steps. At the end, feel free to ask any questions. We highly appreciate your queries.

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