Masters programs online in the U.S.

By | August 26, 2021

In the United States, many top universities have developed competitive models of online learning and adjusted their curricula to fit online education methods to provide students with the best distance learning courses available. Masters online in US

You should definitely look into some of these U.S. universities which offer distance-learning Master’s and Bachelor’s degree programs if you’re looking for a flexible way to study and the recognition of receiving an education from an American university:

Masters programs online in the U.S.

To compile this list of the best US universities offering online master’s programs, we used the QS Rankings 2020 list of the top universities in the U.S. Our next step was to determine which ones offer full-time master’s degrees. We only considered distance learning Masters with a decent quantity of distance learning courses listed, and excluded pre-Masters programs.

1. Johns Hopkins University

In order to discover new and better ways to improve lives, John Hopkins University encourages collaboration between students and faculty members to help them develop themselves and their careers.  Its varied academic offerings, as well as its commitment to improving the lives of American and international learners, prove Hopkins’ diverse offer and commitment.

2. Northwestern University

Taking advantage of different perspectives to create new ideas in a supportive and inclusive learning environment is Northwestern’s mission. In addition to its research institutes, the university is affiliated with over one hundred research schools. You’ll find online health science masters programs.

3. University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

University of California Los Angeles prides itself on providing free access to information and free debate and on providing a supportive and welcoming environment. There are 290 medical research institutes and centres at the University of California at Los Angeles. Engineering degrees at UCLA are available online in a variety of fields.

4. New York University

As an educational leader since 1831, New York University offers its students a global perspective on the world. NYU has been designed to satisfy the demands of American commercial culture with an institution with a democratic spirit. Among the many online degree programs available are business and management degrees, computer science degrees, and engineering degrees.

5. University of Texas at Austin

UT Austin believes in a culture of ambition and leadership that does not shy away from great achievements. It is committed to providing students and alumni with lucrative employment opportunities through partnerships with industry. Engineering degrees online can be found at the University of Texas at Austin.

6. Georgia Institute of Technology

This public college and university in the United States is one of the top research universities. Engineering, Sciences, and Computer Science are all offered online by Georgia Tech. This university has an excellent reputation, particularly among women since more women receive engineering degrees from Georgia Tech than any other university. 

7. Boston University

Despite being one of the largest, non-profit universities in the country, Boston University has developed an online learning platform that is reliable and dependable. There is a large selection of online graduate programs as well as diplomas and certificates without credit.

The U.S. Sloan Consortium recognized Boston University as one of the nation’s best institutions for online learning. Best Practices in 21st Century Distance Learning award from Distance Learning Association.

8. The Ohio State University

The Ohio State University was founded in 1870 and has been a center of research and innovation, fostering friendships and rivalries among its students ever since. Sustainable agriculture, health, and sustainability are the university’s most prominent research areas. Medical, Business, Educational, and Social Sciences are the most popular online courses.

9. University of Maryland

One of the best universities in the US is the University of Maryland. Research conducted at the university contributes to innovation in business and government. Online degree programs in Engineering, Computer Science and Medicine are available.

10. University of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh University is known for its cutting-edge research that led to breakthroughs in TV, flight, and beating polio. Pittsburgh not only offers high-quality online programs in a variety of fields, but also provides support to further the success of graduate and professional students.

There are not many online degrees offered by the best universities in the U.S., which makes sense if you want to get into the best universities. The good news is that there are over 6,000 online Masters programs offered by U.S. universities. 

Bachelor’s degrees online in the USA

As we created the top online Bachelor’s list for the U.S., we utilized the U.S. Top ten United States Bachelors degrees online according to News 2020. Next, we looked at which schools offered online bachelor’s degrees fully.

To determine the best online bachelor’s program, U.S. News looked at factors such as graduation rates, faculty credentials, and support services.

  1. Arizona State University – Offers a wide range of online business, social science, medicine, and engineering programmes to international students.
  2. Oregon State University – offers online studies in Humanities, Social Sciences, Business, and more to create a welcoming student community.
  3. University of Florida – Outstanding online courses offered by a university that challenges conventions always thinking about how things may be improved.
  4. Students who want to discover their passion can find it at Colorado State University – a project of passion. Our courses provide online education in Education, Engineering, Business, and Social Sciences, among others.
  5. University of North Carolina Wilmington – an institution devoted to educating its students through research and personal discovery, embracing diversity and an international mindset.
  6. University of Oklahoma – offering students the experience of a major university while offering the best online study experience as well as abundant career opportunities after graduation.
  7. Colorado State University – encourages students’ curiosity and passion by focusing equally on innovation, education, and recreation.
  8. Washington State University – with a mission to improve the quality of life for its students.
  9. University of Massachusetts Lowell – Creates a global hub of students interested in technology. Students can choose from a variety of online degree programs in Engineering and Computer Science.  
  10. Pace University – Bringing practical skills and life skills to education like never before, aiming to change the way education has been done.

Discover more great bachelors online from the US.

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