PakData CF Sim Database 2021 Application Latest

By | July 25, 2021

Through apps, earning money has now become easier than ever thanks to the internet. Getting a college degree or taking courses is not necessary to make money anymore. Making money is as easy as a few clicks. Having the ability to type from home can generate you a lot of income when you know what you’re doing. PakData CF Sim Database 2021 Application Latest

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Finding the location of a phone by tracking their SIM number is one of the most practical and widely used apps. Using the tracking app, you can locate your stolen, lost, or poorly treated phone.

We will be exploring the top free tracking apps that exist, and their features and specs, so stay tuned.

Information provided by a sim tracker:

Several tracker apps are available in the play store or in local stores, or online through the web; some of the most important information includes:

  • Address (current address)
  • Identify
  • Signal(location) last received

It is very helpful to both parents and police to use the sim tracker app because they can locate children, know where they are, and track criminals; isn’t that great?


 What networks is SimTracker compatible with? Are they compatible with Zong, Ufone, Jazz, or any other network?

Can SIM trackers be used on all networks?

Trackers can only be used on specific networks in Pakistan and around the world because there are numerous network providers.

But don’t worry,

Nearly all networks are supported by the tracker, including:

  • (Mobilink) Jazz
  • Zong
  • Ufone
  • Telenor

As such, and so on.

Where can I find Sim’s number?

By scrolling down below, you’ll have access to the download link for the file. Because all you need is a phone and the file, this is the easiest process. You can easily navigate through the options as it has a simple layout/interface. Select the network the Sim is running on, select the number, then choose the next option. Following a certain period of time, the bio data of the Sim number can be used to determine its location and owner.

What is the system that tracks the location of the SIM card?

SIM card information is easy to manage and track with its simple layout.   

    • A smartphone’s SIM card tracks its location.

  • The chip within a device should be monitored for changes.

In some cases, tracking chips can be installed artificially in phones or by companies. Each change in the phone is tracked by the phone companies. You will be immediately notified through the app interface if your sim card is replaced. Online presence is required to receive notifications.

Follow these simple steps to start the app;

  1. Sign up for the free app by providing the required information.
  2. If the Sim runs on a network, type the number.
  3. Information will soon become available once the tracker has been turned on.

If the terms and conditions of an app are not read before tracking the number, the tracker may not provide information to you.


The interface is simple, and it doesn’t require a subscription fee, so this process is not complex.

Track your SIM card location for free using Snoopza:

A free app called Snoopza, which is available in the Google Play app store, allows users to track the phone number of their mobile device as well as other phones just by using their mobile phone number.

In what way will it provide information?

 It displays the following information as a result of its features:

  • Last location of Sim
  • Place of current residence
  • Owner’s name
  • Text message

PTCL’s mobile data service or mobile data can be used to connect your sim to the internet and track its location. PakData CF Sim Database

Snoopza is a spy app that monitors your SIM card number. 



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