Should You Rely on Direct Marketing for Quick Commercial Success?

By | September 9, 2020

Direct marketing is one of the oldest business strategies for the promotion that is amazingly effective in the current digital world. It is used with the intent to make the interaction with the customer instead of a television or radio broadcast. In this article, you will learn about Direct Marketing for Quick Success.

In the world obsessed about SEO practices, the focus has shifted towards email and push notifications. However, the underlying principle is still the same, to create brands awareness on a more personal level.

Different industries that contact directly to the customers have adopted the method to target a specific audience. There is no limit to the application. You might have received emails promoting bad credit loans no guarantor no credit check direct lender if you have searched it on the internet. But: 

Is it a good idea for new businesses to rely on it for quick commercial success? 

We have answered this question in the section below after explaining the whole process with its benefits and disadvantages. 

What is Direct Marketing?

Direct marketing is a type of promotion where companies communicate with their target audience directly. Newsletter, email campaigns, push notifications, and other similar channels achieve this.

Unlike traditional campaigns, it involves sending promotional content to customers more likely to make a transaction. The refined results make it beneficial with more ROI and easy tracking of the development.

For new businesses, direct marketing is a very efficient solution that creates brand awareness with a small budget. You can select the recipients based on their location, age, career, gender, and other options. This enables the company to reach the right customer base.

Because of its aggressive nature, the marketing strategy should be carefully created since it can quickly turn into an annoying mail from being an impactful message because of the flawed implementation. 

Advantages of Direct Marketing

Direct marketing approach has many benefits that make it useful. Some people might not feel comfortable receiving unnecessary emails and phone calls. However, the positive impact it creates in several cases outweighs the negative vibe in such cases. Here are some pros of using a direct marketing campaign. 

Delivers Value to the Customer

Direct marketing involves communicating with customers more likely to buy your product or services. This makes it possible to deliver relevant content to make them interested in the offer.

Identification of this customer base needs the right amount of research. You must update your database from time to time. 

Deeper Connection with the Audience

More in-depth knowledge about the target audience requirement is must when it comes to direct marketing. This thorough research enables them to curate content that makes a connection on a personal level. It increases the trustworthiness of the brand and even customer loyalty in some cases.

Better Utilisation of the Budget

A small business works hard to save money over different operations. You are spending money on trying to convince the section with more conversion rate.

When compared to other campaigns, direct marketing delivers more ROI in a limited budget. You can imagine the small number of resources you need to send mails to a list of potential customers.


You don’t need a third party to help you start a Direct Marketing for Quick Success campaign. You can start working on it with a computer and internet connection. It eliminates any third party involvement that can cause damage to the brand’s reputation.

However, you might need help from companies to focus on core activities. 


Imagine you receive a phone call trying to sell installment loans for bad credit while you are on the dinner table. It won’t be very pleasant for the customer. Thus, there are some cons to direct marketing that can make the whole campaign a disaster if not monitored carefully. 

  • Targeting People with No Interest

This is the most common problem faced in any direct marketing campaign. Companies end up spending the majority of their resources on people who have no interest in their services or product.

The email you send will land into the spam folder. Thus, the whole campaign can waste significant effort and money if the research for the prospect is not done carefully.

  • Patience is a Virtue 

You need to be consistent with the efforts while trying to convince the customers. Even after opening the customers, the leads might not buy the product because of some other reasons.

Here, the patience of the marketer is tested. It will take time to make a considerable amount of sales in the direct marketing campaign.

  • Low Response Rate

The unsolicited nature of the campaign yields a low response rate from the recipients. At most, 15% of people will open your mail, and only 1% will click on the link of your site.

Even after they click the link, only a few will complete the transaction. Therefore, you need to contact an enormous amount of people to get enough response with the direct marketing campaign. 

Final Verdict

Direct marketing is a great strategy to start with small business. It can lay the foundation for the other campaigns you want to start in the future. If you are solely dependent on it for quick success, you might face some disappointing results in the initial stages.

If you’re a lender, less than 1% of the recipient list will apply to the mail promoting your doorstep loan for unemployed service. In addition, you cannot match the level of trust and credibility of other campaign offers when combined with direct marketing. 


Direct Marketing for Quick Success is explained with its pros and cons to letting the reader decide whether it is enough for a quick success. In the end, it is mentioned how relying on it can be tough to achieve desired results. Learn more about marketing strategies here.

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