Top 10 Affordable SEO Strategies for local and small Businesses in 2021

By | September 2, 2020

As we have entered a new decade, there are lots of changes taking place in the digital marketing industry. With these changes, people are stuck where to begin and how to scale their businesses and generate leads into their sales funnel. Let’s dive deep and read more about Affordable SEO Strategies for local Businesses in 2021.

For small businesses looking to reduce their spending and promote their business, local SEO is an effective strategy and a potential game-changer in the long run. 

Why small businesses should invest in SEO? 

Statistics say that only 30 percent of small businesses use SEO to promote their companies despite the long-term advantages of organic search engine rankings. 

85 percent of users search online for local business services. Did you know that how many search results do they usually care to view before clicking on one? Approximately, 75 percent of people do not scroll past the first page of Google.

This underscores why local and small businesses should fight for a top position on Google search results. The higher a page ranks, the more is the visibility of your website to the right audience. Here, local SEO helps in promoting a business’s rank. 

This post covers 10 of the most effective local SEO tactics businesses can use to improve their search performance online without burning a hole in your pocket. 

1. Don’t Miss on Reviews

This is one of the most affordable SEO strategies for local businesses. Nowadays, 90 percent of consumers read online reviews before making their purchase decisions. They trust online reviews as much as their personal recommendations. You can hire a digital marketing agency to manage the process. 

You can also ask your customers to give reviews wherever and whenever it is possible. Creating a short link, using a tool such as bitly and placing this everywhere helps garner more reviews from customers.  The short link can be included in cash register receipts, invoices, email footers, and in-store signage. You can ask for reviews at the end of a transaction. 

2. Respond to all the Reviews

Your replies to other reviewers such as, ‘thank you,’ will encourage your customers to treat you with a review. In addition, this gesture indicates that you are more interested in getting your business reviewed from them. 

Make an effort to answer all reviews and if there is a time crunch, pay attention to the reviewers asking questions or mentioning lots of details.

3. Specify Your Audience 

Driving traffic to your website is the main goal of local SEO services. That effort, however, would be worthless if your website is not noticed by a specific target audience. To deal with this crisis, you should identify a target audience, know their search patterns, preferences and demographics.

Having a Google Analytics account will make this task easy. Know about your target audience and their behavior on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

4. Speed is a Killer 

The page loading time of any website is obviously important for user experience and Google is more concerned about page speed. A great page speed increases the visibility of your website. According to Gomez. com, a little delay in a page’s load time can hurt customer’s satisfaction by 16 percent. 

Visitors care more about the page speed than nifty functionality and all the bells and whistles that you wish to add to your website to increase its aesthetic value.

5. Include Long Tail keywords 

Another affordable SEO strategies for local businesses that is related to keyword research is by using long-tail keywords is one of the important strategies that contribute to the success of your business. Considering, for example, the keyword, ‘SEO tips,’ may take a longer time to improve your website’s ranking than, ‘SEO marketing for your business.

According to the latest trend, the long version of a keyword is more instrumental in increasing your chances of ranking high on Google search results. 

6. FAQs play an Important Role 

FAQs drive a pool of traffic to your website. It improves your local SEO because ranking as Google values a website more when it focuses on helping people to get all the information. This in turn helps them make a wise decision on your product. 

Those who do have this functionality may fail to grab the attention of the searcher. You can go for internet marketing services to add FAQ schema to your website. You do not have to pay a great deal of amount for this work.

7. Local SEO

Local SEO is of the utmost importance for small businesses. According to research, 50 percent of the consumers searching for products on their smartphones tend to visit a store the same day. 

When it comes to searching on a computer or tablet, the figure stands at 34 percent. Ranking high in your local area gives you an edge on your competitors.

8. Ensure Your Website is Mobile Friendly 

Did you know that 60 percent of your traffic comes from your mobile device and it will increase over a period of time? A website is being accessed more on mobile devices. Given this fact, you need to ensure that your website is properly optimized for mobile users and also navigation is easy.

Also, Google gives more prominence to the sites that are mobile optimized.

9. Your Name, Address and Phone Number is a Must 

Do not undervalue the importance of NAP (name, address, phone number) on your website. Putting this information on the key page is important to win the trust of visitors. For them, it’s a sign that a website is legit and accurate.

10. Your Audience should be your Top Priority 

Creating content is one of the important aspects of local SEO tactics. It is to be noted that content should be written keeping readers’ perspective in mind. It’s like stepping in their minds while creating the content. 

The Bottom Line 

Besides the listed SEO trends, many other trends are already making waves. However, it is not feasible to cover everything in one article. These are the ones that are getting more attention these days.

If you are looking for local SEO for your website, keeping a tab on these trends will help you formulate better strategies. Also, you can always opt for digital marketing services for a long-term and affordable SEO strategies that will benefit your business. Learn more about SEO here.

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