Undergoing the tests to identify your ED – why it is needed?

By | September 4, 2020

When your doctor identifies symptoms of ED in you, he takes some time to confirm the same in you. In the meantime, he allots Undergoing the tests your ED for you too. You keep on wondering why these tests are for when the ailment of yours has been detected. You keep on wondering why the doctor is not prescribing you Vidalista 60 or some other drugs, and instead of stating you to undergo these tests.

The reason for the same is very simple. Treatment of ED changes with the nature of the ailment. There can be several reasons for which one develops ED in him. Depending on the reason for such development, the treatment has to be different.

This is the core reason why doctors sentence you certain tests. Here we will be telling you why the doctors are stating the tests for you and what the outcomes from those are. When you get through that, you will understand the purpose of the tests, that the doctor has suggested to you. 

The tests and the outcomes 

Culture of Urine

The first among the Undergoing the tests your ED will be regarding your urine. The culture of your urine refers to the doctor whether you are having excess glucose content in your veins or you are having some excess sulphate content or nicotine layer in them.

If any of these anomalies are found, then the doctors’ recommendation will be altogether different. If it is for glucose, he will state you to stop having some foods that contain excess glucose in them. He might refer you to some dietician or some diet chart to you along with Vidalista 40.

In case it is sulphate content, he will refer you to stop having alcohol anyway, otherwise, the Vidalista 60 will not work on you. In the same way, if your urine culture refers to that there is ample nicotine layer, then you will be stated to stop smoking totally. 

ECG test

The next thing in Undergoing the tests your ED that the doctor will refer to you is an ECG. This will make him know whether you are having an anomaly at your heart or not. If there is any heart issue and your heart is behaving poorly. Then he will not refer you any drugs of ED.

Rather, he will be stating you some homemade therapies. The ED drugs like Cenforce 200 are very much strong on the hearts and hence, if anyone with a weak heart condition accepts these drugs, then the effect can be reversed too.

However, this is not the case with all, but mostly it is for the aged people. Young people more often have a strong heart behind the rib cage. 

Culture of your Blood 

The next level test will be your blood culture. This will state the doctor whether your veins are disturbed with excess glucose content or excess cholesterol level.

If this is the case, then he will surely refer you to have Vidalista 60, but along with that he will make a diet chart for you to restrict your food habit, and at the same time will also be referring some sleeping pills and some morning exercises.

The morning exercises will be helping in your metabolism, whereas the sleeping pills will help you in handling your stress and your balance of rest and work. 

Your psyche tests 

Generally, if all the above things are proven wrong, or they provide no anomalistic report. Then only doctors go for a CT scan and take a look at the brain lopes and at the nerves. If the issue is here, then you can be referred with some nerve-related drugs too, or at the same time some sleeping pills.

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The matter of fact here is that your stress is disturbing you to decide the sexual urge that is there in your mind. If the brain remains busy in some activities then, it will not be able to decode the mind’s words. On the other hand, if the brain is stressed out, or feeling sleepy, then also there will not be any erection at all in you.

For this reason, if the doctors find any anomalies here, he will refer you to Fildena 100. But alongside will also refer to you some sleeping pills for a relived brain and for simplicity of nerve’s function. 

Extreme condition

There is another extreme condition where the sexual urge is not hitting your mind at all. This happens when you are addicted to pornography. During that time, only a pornographic movie alone is able to give you an erection.

In real life, for this reason, you won’t find erection at all. If such is the case, the doctor will be recommending you some sittings with a psychiatrist. He will be helping you to come out of the condition and put you back to a normal life.

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No medication is needed here, however. There is another condition too, where you have some pain at your pelvic bone. In such a case, the doctor will suggest you Vidalista 60 but at the same time will also suggest some exercises to remove the pain. 

Hopefully now you have read about Undergoing the tests your ED in detail. Read more about ED here.

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