What is Black hat SEO and why you should not try this?

By | August 18, 2020

Hello, and welcome friends. In this article, I will explain in detail about Black Hat SEO Techniques and tell you why you should not implement this technique for your business website. Always hire a professional SEO Agency (or) SEO Company like this to optimize your website.

Google is updating its algorithm regularly, When they make some core updates in their algorithm, they will inform, but they don’t inform for the regular updates.

What is black hat seo. Tips and tricks.

What is BlackHat SEO

Black Hat SEO is also a part of SEO. There are two more techniques there, called White hat SEO and Gray Hat SEO. Each technique has its principal to work for Search Engine Result Page.

Either you are a Digital Marketer or own an SEO Company, I am sure that you have heard the name of black hat SEO. It sounds like a Shortcut Method for ranking the keywords in the Search Engine Result Page(SERP).

This is because Black Hat SEO is a practice, which is completely against the Search Engine guidelines. There are a lot of the techniques involved in Black Hat SEO, few of them are following:


Cloaking is a Search Engine Optimization method. Where the content for users and google spiders will be completely different, it means developers develop the page in a way, where Google bot will see the original page, and the user will redirect to the new landing page.

Sometimes we have experienced that clicking on an Anchor URL automatically redirects to the new website. SEO Experts do these techniques to generate traffic for the new website. According to Google, This is an unethical technique, which should not be used.

  • Keyword Stuffing:

The name of this technique looks like illegal, where the SEO Experts over-optimize their keyword. Every Search Engine has its own set of an algorithm, which they follow for ranking factor.

According to SEO Tools like RankMath, Yoast, Keyword Density should not more than 3%. It means if your article 1000 word lengthy, you can use your keyword maximum 30 times.

But SEO experts and SEO Agency (or) SEO Companies says, do not keep the Keyword density more than 2%, which means if your article is 1000 word lengthy, do not use your keywords more than 20 times. In Black Hat SEO, People use more than the maximum limit. But this technique is bad, and your keywords may go down in SERP.

Invisible Text:

In very simple words, Invisible texts are those texts which are the exact color of background color. For Example, if the web page’s background color is white, then the texts will also be in white. So that readers will not be able to see those texts.

Marketers mainly use this technique for keyword stuffing. Google count this technique as a Black Hat SEO technique, So this is not for long term purposes.

  • Article Spinning:

Google loves fresh content; that’s why duplicate content has no place. Many people think that if they spin the content, then the content will be unique, and they can use this content as fresh content. But Google is updating their algorithm.

  • Spammy Links:

Spammy links are nothing creating backlinks on such a website, whose audience is not relevant to yours. In the simple term, When I create a backlink for my website, 1st thing which I check whether my keyword is relevant to that article.

For Example; If I’m creating a link for my tech website, I will try to get the backlinks from Technical blogs, Other technology websites, etc. But I never create the backlink from Music, Sports, Entertainment websites. Because I know if I get the backlinks, even then, it will not be helpful for my keyword ranking.

  • Doorway Pages:

Doorway pages are those pages, which help to redirect the visitors from the original link to a particular targetted page. It is also a black hat technique, and black hat SEO persons implement this technique to drive the traffic to their newly created page.

If you are implementing this technique on your website, then be ready for the google penalty. Since the 2015-16 update, Google is very strict on doorway pages.

Let’s learn through an example; If you are searching for any query on the internet and clicking on link 1, you automatically redirect it to another website. And once you didn’t like the link, You will again click on Link 2, but that link will redirect to you the same page.

Black Hat SEO Experts mostly use this technique for their affiliate links to sell their products.

Why People Use Black Hat Technique?

People use this technique for mainly two reasons, like; to rank their keywords on top of Search Engine, Increase their website’s traffic. Another thing, Experts use these techniques on event-related websites because these websites have limited use.

For Example, there is an event on the New Year. So the website owner knows very well that no one will search this website after a new year has gone. That’s the reason they apply the black hat technique. They also know that Google will penalize his/her website for implementing these illegal techniques.

But they also know that they will have done their job withing their website get penalized.

Disadvantages of Black hat SEO:

Now I will explain the things through an example that why you should not use the Black Hat SEO technique.

If You are using a website for the long term, then you should never apply the Black Hat SEO technique on your website. Because once Search Engine finds you by implementing these techniques on your website. Then they penalize your website in the form of traffic, keyword ranking. And if you are making money using Google Adsense. In this situation, they suspend your Adsense account, and once your Adsense account suspends, all your website linked to particular AdSense will stop generating revenue.

What should you do?

White Hat SEO is the best practice for long term websites; It takes some time to rank your keyword on Search Engine result Page. But once the keyword is ranked, you will get a lot of traffic and leads for your business.

Note: I, as an SEO Agency (or) SEO Company have seen many clients that they start expecting the result from 1st week or 1st month. They do because they do not have proper SEO knowledge. So as an SEO Agency, You need to tell about the SEO. And teach them why they should choose the White hat SEO technique over black hat technique. Once you understand your clients about this, it will be easy for you to rank your keywords using the genuine technique.

Hope you have understood what black hat SEO is and why you should not try this technique for your website, especially for long term websites. If you have any suggestions or queries about black hat SEO, please ask in the Comment section. I will give the response to your query as soon as I see.

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