What You Need To Know About Setting Up An SEO Agency

By | September 15, 2020

Are you looking forward to starting an SEO agency? Then you are in the right place. Read on and explore all that is required to own a successful SEO agency in UK or anywhere in the world.

Many people tend to make comments and ask several questions as regards SEO ranging from “What Should I know before I consider starting an agency? What are the suggested steps I can begin with? I have read intensively and have learnt about SEO, so I know all it takes.” These and many more will be answered in this post.

Still considering opening your own SEO agency?

There are moments when you have to take the bold step and start your own thing. This is a very big step with lots of scepticism accompanying it, but it is definitely a worthwhile one if properly planned for. 

Constantly, you might come across Facebook feeds of “consultants” claiming to have a master key to building a very successful agency in a very short time — this leaves you wondering how slow of a learner you are. The process of owning and building an agency is an awesome and educating experience, but there is still a pile to learn. 

Outlined below are a couple of things to take note of before starting an agency

  • There’s more to it than how good and competent you are

No matter how good an SEO expert you are, you will always be some steps away from achieving success as an agency if you are unable to make sales, either directly or through your employees.

To have sustainable success, you can’t afford to put anything less than great work. If you are unable to attract clients to fund you to carry out the work, your endeavors cannot succeed.

setting up an seo agency

So many people in the SEO industry lament about the average-skilled persons that are making it big with their agency. It is common to find people that make massive sales but cannot optimise well.

If you have never made a sale, you still should not be discouraged. Sales are based on creating and leveraging relationships that are valuable with your potential customers. It is about creating enough trust with your customers that they are motivated to refer you to potential clients. Sales entail creating trust. In the end, trust is what builds the pillars of a successful SEO agency.

  • You actually do more than just SEO

Several people are more interested in working on a website’s SEO. Sadly, owning an agency will force you out of that comfort zone to focus more on other activities that are necessary to keep you updated on the current trends for your skills. 

It is a strenuous task running an agency. You will have to shuffle between personnel, infrastructure, sales, finance, account management, IT, amongst many others. With all of these, it is hard to find enough time to work on a site.

If you are more inclined to On-page SEO, you are less likely to be making the right choice by setting up your own agency. If your agency is kept small, there will be more time for you to spend working on sites. Having a large employee base, on the other hand, divides your attention between several other activities regardless of how much you aim at concentrating on the work.

  • Your agency is just as productive as the people you hire

Being highly proficient in search engine optimisation does not guarantee that you will have a good SEO agency. No matter how good you are, your agency will still not be good if the workers in your agency aren’t good enough.

A wise option will be to provide process-oriented offerings. Even with this, your agency will still be unsuccessful if your workers are unable to handle the work effectively. Hiring a team of capable hands goes a long way to guarantee your success as an agency.


If you want to build UK’s best SEO agency, it is very wise to ensure that you hire staff that are better, smarter and more efficient than you. In running your agency, you should not give any room for pride. This is a primary characteristic of a good leader. 

  • The world does not revolve around your SEO-based skills

Do not depend on SEO skills alone to build a successful agency. Providing good offerings and services is not a big issue. Ensuring that you make sales from those offerings is an entirely different game. 

It is extremely desirable to own a successful agency; however, achieving this is not an easy feat. Your skills have less impact on the success of your agency. Therefore, your major focus should be on how to successfully grow your agency and not on improving at SEO. There are tons of people you can hire to bring in their A-game to your SEO.

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